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Web application prototype

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Designing a web for freaks of extreme activities.

Thanks to the website, users would join in extreme challenges, but also would make bets who will win a challenge.

Both activities enable users to win money.

I was provided with a very detailed description of the website users and the idea of a  content on it. My work was to propose a functional and optimal design for the website functioning and construction.



I started with research in the context of the website content. I compared several applications and websites to establish good practices that could be my inspirations in creating the project. In addition, I looked for ideas for naming bets.

I created users flows for both types of panels — the one for those who want to take part in the challenge and those who want to bet on something.

Thanks to the previous step, I knew how the website should work in the simplest and most understandable for the user way.

Having planned the activities, I started to design high fidelity wireframes with target names and layouts. I created an interactive prototype based on the wireframes, thanks to which I planned the interactions of interface elements.

I tested the prototype on users using a scenario created for this task. It was needed to eliminate any possible mistakes.

web app prototype bof.gif
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