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UX Process

Desktop research, interviews & validation, persona, empathy map, user journey map, card sorting

UX researches for a product on travel trade

Conducting research, selecting the appropriate tools and providing the client with answers about his investment in the travel agency market. The client knew what he wanted to achieve and had an idea of ​​what his company would offer. WHat he did not know was how to reach his target group. He needed a differentiaton, something that is currently missing on the market. In order to work on the development of his product, he wanted to understand his customers and provide to them a product which would be an answers to their needs. 

He needed to know where he can meet them, what they feel, who they are, what they struggle with so he would give them a well-fitting offer, an offer from their dreams.



Firstly, I started searching to find the most popular travel destinations, which was needed to create the company's offer.

Then I made a screener and I selected a group of people from the focus group to interview them. I described each of the interviews in order to be able to create a persona, i.e. the user archetype, which is an unification of the collected features.

I made an empathy map to learn as much as possible about the persona, then I made a user journey map that illustrated how the product should work, what to focus on and what it should deliver.

Finally, the client needed the destination names to be included on the website. For that purpose I used the open card sorting method. That method helps with building an information architecture that is useful, structured and understandable for the user.

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