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Fintech — mobile app


Wireflows & prototype & design

Adaptation of drawing tools of a global provider of information on CFD (Contract for Difference) for mobile devices.

The task required a deep analysis and thought on how to present the relevant content on a mobile device so the app is clear, functional and usable.


Delivered requirements for the task

Click on chart to get access to the setting menu.

Use ‘Drawings’ to add a ‘Trend’ line.

Please describe the process of adding, editing and deleting of a trend line on iPhone X.



I started with a desktop research. I’ve found and compared a few trade apps and it gave me some information about the best practices, so I could implement them into my project. After research, I worked on wireframes, which allowed me to plan and set all the actions and information before I got to graphic part of the app.

When I had my wireframes ready, I focused on design of the app.



The application is based on Apple Human Interface Design Guidelines and I optimized it for IPhone X. In addition to the light mode, I also present the application view in a dark mode.
IG white and dark mode.png
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