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Blood donation — mobile application

Prototype & design

Application for blood donors.
The product's idea was to encourage the society to donate blood regularly, thereby supporting the social campaign.

To achieve that, I’ve got inspired by gamification concept and I’ve decided to use it as my keynote.

However, the app does not encourage to rivalry or breaking records — it is a stimulus for the user who would draw attention to its lively, dynamic interface.

Direct consequences of my reasoning are colors, animations and graphics I have created and that refer to games. Their positive and friendly style adds an equally friendly character to the application.

Interface doesn’t meant to be directly related to the topic of donating blood. It presents the amount of donated blood, its composition and the number of donations in an extraordinary way. It allows a user to add, see, edit and delete details from individual donations.

To understand the topic and receive the data I placed in the project, I had to start with research.

The most important thing was the experience of using the app and which allows you to organize a social message around it.

Readability, logic and intuitiveness were departure points for working on product design.

The application is based on Google Material Design Guidelines.

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