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Graphic design - MakeITCool

Logotype, illustrations of a newsletter and articles

The idea of ​​the blog was to promote a content from the IT world in an interesting, engaging and easy way. And obviously, all the material is well-argued and based on hard, irrefutable facts. Posts not only focus on the rigid side of programming, but also encourage to be read by people who want to get to know some IT facts without being its part.


The logotype was created in close cooperation with the author of the blog. From the very beginning he emphasized the "subversive" nature of his project which promotes the IT world as not as complicated and unavailable as some people think.

He also indicated how the industry has changed since less experienced people (after courses or self-taught) joined it and how important it is to promote good practices among them.


To reflect the nature of the blog, I developed a vivid, modern and energetic color theme that is being used throughout the website. The graphics combine technicalities from the IT world and the free atmosphere of fine arts.

You can find references to history, art or pop culture themes known to all. Each graphic refers directly or figuratively to the topic of the article.

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