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Graphic & interior
– Dental clinic

Logotype, business card, advertising banner, clinic window / doors illustration,   interior plan

Complete design of a dental clinic - from interior design to graphic details.

The project's aim was to warm up the image of a place that many of us associate with rather negative and terrifying emotions.


The clinic, as well as its graphic design, is modern and functional. The idea was to let it refer to sterile clinics that everyone knows, but differ it from them with its positive atmosphere.

The main color is mint, directly associated with clean, fresh breath, which directly and symbolically relates to the moment of leaving the clinic. For when customers leave it, they can finally take a breath and enjoy a beautiful smile again.

On the shop window, there is a graphic depicting the protagonist going to save teeth. By polishing and taking care of them, he makes them stronger and more beautiful than ever before. The illustrative hero image is nothing but my client - characterized by a white apron, a wide smile and a gray ponytail.

Business Card.png
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