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Searching that works

Design process

Improvements of search experience for B2B company website – both desktop and mobile

+ Comming soon

Public transport
— mobile app

Research and UX analysis, Wireflows, Prototyping & UI

Mobile application to help bus travellers being on time

wszystkie ekrany.png

— mobile app

Wireflows, prototype & design

Fintech. Adaptation of drawing tools for mobile devices.

Comparison web app

U ser panel wireframes & frontend example, admin panel UI

A tool for comparing products and services with the possibility of adapting to the company’s website.

Web 1366 – 1.png
prototyp_roadplan copy.png

Web application prototype

Desktop research

& UX analysis, user flows,

web wireframes, prototype, user scenario & tests 

Design of an extreme challenges lovers application wireframes.

UX Process

Desktop research, interviews

& validation, persona, empathy map,

user journey map, card sorting

Customer needs analysis.

Selection of research methods and tools to provide the customer with data for the development of his business on the travel agency market.

Mobile application fintech
Web application Active
Web application prototype
UX Process


Hi, this is Anna. UX/UI designer from Gdańsk. I have been professionally involved in design for over 10 years as a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture and Design. Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in beauty, but also in the durability and timelessness of solutions known to man since ancient times. I proudly carry Michelangelo's David on my shoulder, who reminds me every day what my values are and how they are shaped with me, with each new experience.

Every day, I am excited to take turns, looking for new experiences and challenges on the fascinating path that that my job is. I feel that it gives me the opportunity to combine my practical skills with everything that is dear to me in my private life. And it feeds my motivation and commitment. For me, it is a time filled with figuring out, inspiring meetings and a sense of developing as a person... on many levels. And I still know that I want to know more! I honestly love it.

I love Harry Potter, obviously! For this reason, I believe that there is a place for magic in everyone's life, and my work is to ensure that the use of digital products allows you to feel it. I respond to the needs of users, I treat bad practices and unethical design as “unforgivable spells” —"They are unforgivable because there is no turning back after using them" and users must have full control over what they do.


As an UX designer, I adapt to my audience, which I consider both users and the team I work with. Therefore, one of my characteristics is developed empathy, which I constantly work on. When designing solutions, I put great emphasis on building solid foundations using the design process. I believe that aesthetics without functionality and usability is like a brittle shell — too weak to last. Just as beauty alone is not enough, so does our life consists of different colors and their shades, which is why I believe that a successful product combines four aspects — Functionality, usability, credibility and aesthetics. It responds to trends while staying ahead of them.

For many years I have been cooperating with designers, developers and clients from all over the world, skillfully maneuvering between technical minds, aesthetic needs and changing requirements. What distinguishes my work methodology is flexibility and an analytical approach, combined with productive chaos, which I efficiently organize. I don't wait for an invitation, but I act when I see an opportunity. I can push my thoughts aside, making sure they don't affect my objective judgment. I'm not sure, I'm researching. I listen to understand. I teach this approach during classes as a UX/UI trainer. I share my skills and experience, helping to build a conscious UX generation.



E. Beaugrand, PO in Site Search, Schneider Electric

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Anna for about two years and from the beginning I appreciated her professionalism, her willingness to work in a team and her competence. Anna has been a major contributor to all the significant improvements to our search engine. I am convinced that Anna is destined to accomplish great things during her career.



In case of any questions about my work or collaboration with me, feel free to contact me. ​

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